Designing for a Bride,helping her rediscover herself

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As a designer, I’ve traveled to my own trunk shows and  see first hand brides getting married their choices, concerns, and ideas. Despite what we know about reality TV and bridezillas, not every bride is an exhibitionist, and not every bride is excited to be a bride.

Most women have not had  tailored dress let alone a bridal dress before .
I am not sure how this happens but when a woman tries on my dresses, she is immediately transfigured. It may be due to fabric, or the definition of her body through the silhouette of the dress, and the natural flow and how it highlights her curves. She is shocked by her own beauty. She now can trust me. I suggest the same shape in lace, and she marvels at how skinny she looks and wonders at the many years she has professionally hidden herself in blouses and heavy black tights.

Next she asks , “Can we try a veil?” The moment a veil is placed on her I can see her eyes light up , happiness washes over her .Next we add her jewelry and she is delighted with herself.

Forgotten are the heartaches along the way ,the internal struggle of regrets versus survival and that suddenly in the mirror a vision of herself looking like she is in love, and looking like she is vulnerable, and even giddy with joy makes her uncomfortable. It is a woman that she does not know. It is the woman she used to be, reclaimed.

My work isn’t just about making dresses, it’s about helping women reclaim their identity, and embrace the truth of who they are. It is showing these beautiful, dignified, and intelligent women through the silence of the gowns, that they should expect to be coveted, loved, and admired not just for what they do and whether they’re successful, but for living within the acceptance, truth, and beauty of who they are.

Part of the creative process for me is not just creating, but watching the bride become who she is. There’s a transformation from the woman who entered D’Angelo Couture  as a manager of sorts with a massive to-do list that included buying a dress, to the woman who sees herself as a bride, someone to love and be loved.


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