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One of the most unforgettable and astonishing highlight of your life is your wedding day. Your wedding day is a God’s grace where both you and your beloved partner are called to be joined together as one. This is the very moment of the bride to look good above the others. Every bride wants to be the most beautiful during this special event, so the bridal accessories are very important.In every picture the most photographed is the Bride from her waist up. Your guests will be enthralled with your selection or custom jewelry designed for your unique vision for your special day.  One of the major purpose of bridal jewelry is to add more charm to the aura of the bride. It completes the over all look of the bride, from the tip to toe.

We find it best see your dress if not purchased with us to best design your intended vision. If you can  bring in your dress or a picture will help us select the best look for you

Choices are endless :

mix and match the color theme of your wedding or add crystal accents lightly,this tells your guests how clever you are and adds an element of fun.

All of our jewelry are designed by Diane D’Angelo and the looks range for estate to the most contempory .

We have several hundreds of choices for you to consider.

Brides tell us everyday that our selection is the best in San Diego and prices to match

Many jewelry designers agreed that Pearl is the best pick to enhance the over all look of the bride. Pearl makes the bride look stunning. It features a timeless and classic elegance that catches everyone’s eyes. Now, to help you determine bridal pearl necklace usage, here’s now:

Pearl necklaces comes from six different length such as collar, choker, princess, rope, opera, and matinee. The usual pearl choker is 14 to 16 inches long and stays at the collar bone, and this classic length of pearl choker is perfectly matched for the bride’s gown. This works perfectly with bridal gowns and any other wedding dresses.

A bridal pearl collar usually measures 10 to 14 inches long. This is madeup of at least three strands of pearls. This is perfectly matched with plunging neckline, strapless or a V-neck bridal gown. This type of pearl necklace adds an excellent look the over all look of the bride.

Unlike other necklaces, a pearl princess necklace measures much longer, it is usually 17 to 19 inches long. This type of necklace is very famous because of its versatility. If you will notice, pearl princess necklace goes well with any type of bridal gown. To be more creative, you can combined different types of pearl to create a pear princess necklace.

The opera necklace measure 27 to 36 inches long. This has to be worn typically with high necklines or wrapped into double strands. This is very famous among popular and leading fashion designers because of its classy look. Pearl rope is also commonly used if you want a heavy look of jewelry pearl wedding jewelry. The normal measures of a pearl rope necklace is 40 to 72 inches long.

For more information on bridesmaid jewelry and bridal accessory, visit our store conveniently located off of Camino de la Reina in San Diego! or check out this website be sure to email us to besure that item is in stock


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